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Operable Partitions

Glass Movable Wall

Glass Wall System family features a winning combination of high-quality glass partitions paired with easy and convenient operability.

Transparent and Flexible

  Designed with attention to every detail, YY Walls can be safely and quickly operated, while providing space management flexibility with the modern glass wall aesthetic. The high-quality manufacturing standard of YY Walls results in a robust and durable solution that promotes safe and reliable operation. The partition is easy to operate and aligned to the requirements of everyday usage.

  Create an open floor plan and provide natural light with a our Glass Movable Wall System. Architects and interior designers can include the elegance and confidence of glass in their corporate, retail, and entertainment projects.

Attractive, Efficient and Cost Effective.

Frame or Frameless

Depending on the area of use and different purposes, we can choose frame or frameless glass operable wall.

Looking Glass Movable Wall for your project?