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Operable Partitions

Folding Wall

Continuously hinged panels are connected together in a train, extending as one complete unit.

Flexible and Convenient

  Folding walls are an affordable way to divide space, allowing large openings without the constraints of hinged doors, with a sleek and sophisticated style.

  Folding sliding walls  are perfect for dividing a room while still allowing natural light into your interior space.

Advantage of Folding Wall

Manual or Electric

  Some openings can be filled with a series of folding wall panels, all continuously hinged together so that when extended the panels form a wall.

  These can be either manually or electrically operated. Manual hoists can often be too heavy to operate efficiently in larger openings, as the operator has to pull the full weight of the panels across the room at the same time. A better option is to provide electric hoists that automatically extend and retract the walls at the touch of a button.

  The video is an example of an electrically operated folding wall. The walls incorporate various safety devices to ensure safe, supervised operation during the movement of the electric partition.

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