Acoustic Operable Wall

Operable Walls set the performance standard for ease of use, durability, aesthetics and best-in-class sound control. Available in single, paired, or continuously-hinged panel configurations; manual or automatic operation; in certified STC sound control from 42 STC to an industry-leading 56 STC,  Operable Walls will optimize your interior space and allow it to transform with possibilities. YY Walls offer Electric Operable Wall, Glass Movable Wall, and Foldable Wall with Manual,Semi Automatic and Full Automatic System. All the products we produce are made using high-quality machines and European technology solutions, which go through extensive detailed Quality Control to ensure the products produced are of amazing quality in providing satisfaction to our customers. 

Manual Operation

Operable Walls are designed to elegantly and efficiently divide your available space for a wide range of environments. From small meeting rooms to large convention centres

Semi-Auto Operation

The operable walls, in the semi-auto system, works by manually pushing the panels into position while the retractable top and base rubber seals are electrically operated to lock mode.

Full Automatic Operation

The automatic system is recommended in situations where the room layout is complex, there are many elements, or where multiple movements are required throughout the day. That saves time.